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Culture builds culture

Nothing brings folks together better than holding hands doing a traditional line or circle dances from many different ethnic backgrounds, ranging from French Canadian to Turkish to Balkan Gypsy. This is a Team Building activity your folks will actually love!

Everyone starts on the same foot and quickly figures out that no one is focusing on them, giving everyone permission to relax. This leads to participants finding a new way of connecting to their colleagues in a joyful, exciting way! These types of dances break the ice and underline the value of working together in coordinated ways.

Everyone gets to drum along on percussion as well as sing along in non-English languages such as Romany, a Hindi- / Sanskrit-rooted language. Get your team in the groove!

The ethnic nature of the program provides an opportunity for your team to discuss how culture informs one’s world view. Empathy is enhanced through talking about one’s own cultural background.

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Sessions are lead by musician / dancers Jutta Distler and Terran Doehrer who play their instruments while simultaneously leading the dances.

Since 1990 the duet has taught dance in Europe and Canada as well as across America in a variety of settings including the Arcturus Teacher Training Program for Waldorf schools.

Still life of some of the instruments played.
Some of the instruments played: Mandolin, Guitar, Darabuka, Tupan, and Kaval.

Unique sound

Terran and Jutta are multi-instrumentalists, a fact which allows them to create an ever changing color, but whatever the sound, every number grabs your attention, gets your feet tapping, urging you to dance.

The duet plays Mandolin, Violin, Kaval, Guitar, Darabuka, Tupan, and two singing voices.

Flexible and affordable

We fit the bands size to your budget, needs, and interests.

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Folks say…

[Their] music is exciting, and listeners will find it hard to keep from leaping up to dance.” Natalie Wainwright, Arts & Life reviewer, Round Table

… such a wonderful show! Not only was your performance entertaining, but also informative and instructive, which is what we were hoping for in a university environment. … everybody had a wonderful time. Thank you again for a great show!” Michael B. Cosmopoulos, Ph.D., Fellow, Academy of Science St. Louis, Professor of Archaeology, The Hellenic Government-Karakas Foundation Professor in Greek Studies, Department of Anthropology, University of Missouri

You get Gypsy music, music from Spain, Israel, everything. Finland! What more could you ask for? Not only is it entertaining and educational but you get up and dance and get a little sweaty, which is awesome! … Book them! Amazing!” Enthusiastic librarian

Your performance was truly amazing and we are very glad that you could be part of this special event.” Juan Carlos Acevedo, Outreach Coordinator, Wheeling Park District

Thank you so much for performing at our Bishop Hill Folk Festival! We have heard nothing but compliments about your music.” Todd DeDecker, Bishop Hill Heritage Association Administrator

Their artistry and sense of musical history is infused in their delicious tracks. I like [their] intelligent approach to music as well as the old world flavor of what [they] do.” Terry Loncaric, entertainment writer and poet

After over twenty years of focusing on rootsy Blues acts, I decided to branch into World Music because of this eclectic band. Their enthusiastic and authoritative approach to music convinced me to sign them to the Earwig Music label. Their CD, ‘On the World Beat’, is a fine overview of their work. I imagine you will find Jutta & the Hi-Dukes(tm) as exciting as I do!” Michael Frank, owner of Earwig Music Company.

I am not exaggerating or giving empty words when I say your performance was my favorite ever.” Ashleah White, Reporter for The Current, University of Missouri — St. Louis, Nov. 28th, 2015

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