with Instruction Booklet

Front side of a yellow ocarina with instruction booklet.

The Ocarina is one of the easiest instruments to play and is certainly one of the easiest to carry. These Five-Hole Ocarinas are made of durable plastic.

Blue ocarina laying in the palm of a hand.
Palm sized!

These Ocarinas are about two inches long and one inch wide and come with a built-in lanyard to wear like a necklace.

Back of a blue ocarina showing the thumb hole, laying on a red wool background.
Thumb hole

These are in the key of “C” and play nearly a fully-chromatic scale ranging from C to D above the octave, a range of a ninth.

Circle of ocarinas showing the colors that may be chosen for your ocarina.
Color samples

You may pick the color of your ocarina, depending upon availability. They come in Yellow, Cream, Blue, Red, Black, or Purple, as shown above.

“Kolo Zhita,” one of the pieces of sheet music included with your ocarina.
Music included!

Along with your Ocarina you get a basic Instruction Booklet that shows the Five-Hole Ocarina’s very simple fingering system, as well as diagrams and explanations as to how to hold and play it. To get you started, also included is sheet music for four simple melodies – “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” “Neda Voda,” a Macedonian dance tune, and “Kolo Zhita,” a Croatian dance tune.

Yes, we offer lessons, too! If this is a gift for someone else, consider also getting a Gift Certificate to accompany the instrument.

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