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Interactive World Music and Dance

School programs for all ages and abilities. These are engaging, interactive, audience-pleasing, budget-friendly, educative programs focused on traditional ethnic music and dance. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us! Our presentations are very flexible.

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Click to see our Assemblies video.

Interactive exploration of traditional cultures

Click to see our Dance Residency video.
Dance Resi­dencies

Exploration of traditional line and circle dances

Click to see our Music Residencies video.
Music Resi­dencies

Musical exploration focusing on Balkan scales and asymmetrical rhythms

Click to see our Ethnorobics video.

Cardio-enhancing programs of traditional dance for adults

Photo of the Hi-Dukes performing at the Winettka Library with audience drumming along
Library shows and lectures

Interactive all-ages Concerts and Lectures

Click to see our In-classroom Workshops video.
In-class­room Work­shops

Interactive programs in the classroom

Click to see our Special Needs Community video.
Special Needs Commun­ity

Dance for folks with disabilities

Click to see our Homeschool programs video.
Home­school programs

One day to year-long explorations of traditional dances and songs

Click to see our Remote learning options video.
Instruction videos

Videos to help our students remember dances

Click to see the Hi-Dukes youth orchestra program
World Music Youth Orches­tra and Band (tm)

Performing group for young and teenage musicians

Flexible and affordable

We fit the bands size to your budget, needs, and interests.

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