World Music Summer Day Camp Programs – 2021


The Hi-Dukes World Music Youth Orchestra and Band (tm) Music Camp
presented by Jutta & the Hi-Dukes (tm)


For teenage musicians, there will be four week-long sessions running from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM for $250 per week.


For younger, middle-school players we are offering a two-hour morning programs running from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM for $80.


Classes are held in south-central Evanston


All instruments welcome.


Participants must be able to play at least one octave on their chosen instrument and do simple sight reading.


Hi-Dukes world music orchestral program video See the Hi-Dukes teach world music

One of the most popular jazz recordings ever made, Take Five, was written by Dave Brubeck after his visit to Bulgaria, a country known for asymmetrical time signatures like 5/8. Ever since then, World Music has played an increasingly influential role in most areas of Western music, whether they be Classical (such as Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble) or Pop (such as Streetlight Manifesto’s Balkan/Klezmer-tinged Here’s To Life.)


Thus, to be a well-rounded player in today’s world, musicians need to have some practical, hands-on knowledge of and skill in playing the rhythms and scales of various types of non-Western music.


The week-long Hi-Dukes World Music Youth Orchestra and Band (tm) Summer Day Camp is a unique chance for young musicians to gain some of that knowledge and to develop those skills.


Various pages from the Hi-Dukes World Music Youth Orchestra and Band Program Workbook Sample of materials used in the program.

Growing beyond 2/4 Time and Major Keys


During the program, participants will explore and learn to play various types of ethnic music such as the Balkan music which uses gorgeous musical scales like Hijaz, Sabach, and Ousak, as well as exciting asymmetrical time signatures / rhythms like 7/8 and 9/8.


Over the past twenty five years of teaching music and dance in Europe and America, the Hi-Dukes group has developed a dynamic teaching method which helps young musicians internalize the rhythms so that the music is more than just a bunch of notes on a page: before sitting down to play, participants discover the basic feel of each rhythm by learning to do the dance associated with that rhythm. This imparts a physical reality to the music.


To schedule an audition and for more details call (847) 864-1022 between 10 AM and 10 PM C.S.T.

In the process of learning how to play the various types of ethnic music presented in the program, participants also learn about the cultures, such as Rom / Gypsy, Greek, Jewish, etc., that use these fascinating rhythms and scales. Participants hear traditional ethnic instruments, like the Bulgarian end-blown flute, Greek baglama, Middle-eastern drums, and the world-famous ocarina. History and cultural facts are presented through personal stories while the songs and dances are learned. Thus, information about history, language, social dynamics, and more is an intrinsic part of the learning package.


The Summer Day Camp will culminate in a recital.


Experienced Musicians and Teachers


Founded 1990, this Evanston, IL band tours in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Two Hi-Dukes members, Jutta Distler and Terran Doehrer, are teachers at the Arcturus Teacher Training Program for Waldorf schools and taught dance classes at the Chicago Waldorf School for six years.


After seeing Jutta & the Hi-Dukes do a four-day music and dance residency at the L.B. Johnson School, Jan Delgado (Albuquerque, NM Schools’ Fine Arts Department 2012 Music Resource Teacher) was so impressed by the band’s “wholistic methods of teaching” which “incorporate so many different intelligences”, that she brought the Hi-Dukes back to the APS system to do a Teachers Inservice Workshop and a series of introductory Assemblies.


Mrs. Delgado directly observed students benefit from experiencing the scales and rhythms of the Balkan music and dances the band presents and so, in promoting the program to the schools, she wrote: “[The Hi-Dukes] are exceptional folk dance teachers and the band is really good (especially with 7/8 and 9/4 meters!)

Scenes from Hi-Dukes orchestra / band programs


Hi-Dukes with a youth orchestra
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This project was partially supported by a grant from the Evanston Arts Council, a city agency supported by the City of Evanston and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

“We have enjoyed seeing our children grow in coordination and confidence through their lessons with you. Your classes, both the dance and violin, are highlights in our week.”
Kristin and Jeff Andrews


“Hi there great music teachers, Where do we begin, for there are little words to describe the gratitude and joy we feel for what you’ve taught our girls. They clearly have a wider appreciation for all kinds of music and styles of dance which we accredit to the exposure of the world music and dance you have brought to them. Thank you so very much … All our best,”
The Dugo family


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